Doctorate Degrees

Doctoral Degree Programs help students with the skills needed to research, teach, or advance their career at the expert level. For individuals completed masters’ degree, looking to extend their academic career to the highest level, opt for a doctoral degree.

Understanding the doctoral program:

Academic doctorates (such as the standard PhD) are usually awarded for sustained research and scholarship in traditional academic subjects like literature, science, philosophy. Main focus of these courses is on broadening theoretical understanding of a subject, rather than improving professional practice. It typically takes time to complete more than graduation or master’s and requires someone to take a series of rigorous classes in their field of study, research and develop on the particular field, and then subsequently pass a qualification exam in order to begin work on their dissertation, which is their final project. The degree is a globally recognized an honorary academic degree awarded by universities and higher education institutions to a candidate who has submitted his thesis, based on sustained and original research in their chosen field.

There are some common fields

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Applied science
  • Art design and architecture
  • Business and Management
  • Computer science and IT
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Public Health
  • Ethics
  • Biology

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