Criminal Justice

A Criminal Justice degree is very fascinating and meaningful also considered to be the first step to many government jobs. Accredited criminal justice degree programs provide a variety of history, psychology, sociology and Law courses. Find accredited schools that offer criminal justice degrees either online or on-campus.

You can interact with our site to get the information you’re looking for about criminal justice degrees, colleges offering criminal justice degree programs and careers in this field. You have to find the most relevant degree level we outline here.


The associate’s degree course takes less time to complete (18-24 months). The career choices in hand for entry-level positions are commonly Police Officer, Forensic Science Technician, and Corrections Officer. Students have the opportunity to enter immediately after completing their course.


An associate degree generally opens the door to an entry-level career in criminal justice, a bachelor’s degree opens the door for various rewarding and advanced jobs in this field. Crime Scene Investigator, Homeland Security Officer are the common careers that require a bachelor-level degree in this field. Bachelor degrees can take 3- 4 years to complete.


Students opt for a master’s degree for higher education and career advancement, this level of education will advance the overall skill set. They’ll likely to be landed with the kinds of job like Private Investigator, FBI Agent, and Intelligence Research Specialist, etc.


Earning a doctorate in criminal justice means reaching the academic pinnacle of the field. Doctorate qualifiers are appropriate for leadership roles, advisory roles, Professor, DEA Agent, and Cybersecurity Analyst.

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